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About PCR test

What is a PCR test?

This screening method is called "PCR test", which means "Polymerase Chain Reaction", in other words "Polymerization Chain Reaction". This method makes it possible to amplify a DNA or RNA sequence in order to detect the presence of a virus, in this case Sars-CoV-2 in this context of the Covid-19 epidemic. "A small target nucleic acid sequence (a fragment of DNA) will be copied many times, which facilitates its detection. It is when this amplification is detected (by a probe coupled to a fluorophore) that the test is said to be "positive". Learn More

RT-PCR tests

RT-PCR virological tests were only reserved for people with symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 contamination or contact subjects. Now, Covid-19 PCR tests have become widespread since last July. Thus, the number of PCR tests carried out is now clearly increasing (1 million tests are carried out each week).

This sample taken from the upper respiratory tract using a large cotton swab called a “swab” makes it possible to detect the presence of Covid-19. The test lasts a few seconds and several hours are necessary before obtaining the result.

However, this method is not only used to diagnose Covid-19. It can also be used for other viral diseases such as herpes, hepatitis A and E, HIV, dengue or whooping cough.


Protect yourself and others

Close Contact

Maintain a safe distance from everyone


Avoid crowded and enclosed spaces

Hand clean

Wash your hands very regularly


Cough or sneeze into your elbow


Wear a mask when you are sick


Clean and disinfect nearby objects