The only center open in Brussels 7 days a week from 9h30 to 13h - 15h to 19h30

Brussels PCR test (Covid-19 )
PCR or Antigen test for travel
Symptomatic PCR test
Blood test and analysis

Brussels PCR test

(Covid-19 ) 

Brussels Covid-19 & antigens. Results in the day fast and reliable for a trip or an event we will test you at the place of your choice

Do you need a PCR or Antigenic test for your trip abroad?
Do you have any symptoms (fever, cough, loss of taste or smell…)? 
Have you been in contact with an infected person? 

Contact us today to book an appointment on our website www.testpcr.be or by phone at: 02 351 60 49 or +32 493 97 04 89

COVID-19 Brussels PCR test within 48 hours

PCR test Brussels COVID-19 & antigens
Results by SMS within 24 hours

PCR screening results will be available within 24 hours of the test being performed. (Possibility of carrying out urgent tests within 2 hours, a supplement applies). The results of the Antigenic Tests will be available within 30min. They will be sent to you: by the laboratory (by telephone, or online on the COVID-SAFE application, and on the MASANTE.BE website (the national information system for monitoring Covid-19 screening)).
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If I have symptoms

PCR test remains necessary after a positive self-test
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fast and reliable PCR test for travel

Covid-19 Centre de test PCR

rapid PCR test For an event

(results by SMS in less than 48 hours.)
Close Contact

Contact tracing


pcr test return from travel


Emergency for my health or that of my loved ones

Covid-19 Centre de test PCR
PCR test in Brussels (Covid-19)

Covid-19 screening We travel for you

With the massive increase in Covid-19 screenings, medical analysis laboratories have seen their attendance explode in recent weeks. It is no longer uncommon to see the queues lengthen in front of these establishments. Naturally, the deadlines for obtaining the result of an RT-PCR test have also jumped, which can complicate certain situations: holding a professional event, leaving by plane for the holidays, contact person, etc.
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Covid-19 PCR test center in Brussels

The only center open in Brussels 7 days a week from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm.

For the past few months, the weekly number of population tests has continued to increase and medical analysis laboratories are overloaded. In some areas, you have to wait several days to get your test result. For this, you can go to our online appointment booking platform.

Covid-19 PCR test center in Brussels

Make an appointment to be tested

Whether or not you have symptoms of Covid-19, you can make an appointment in one click on our site to perform an RT-PCR test. After having indicated the “COVID test – PCR (nasopharyngeal swab)” treatment, our system offers you the availability to carry out this type of treatment. The nurses in our network are very responsive and contact you to organize their visit. More than 1,000 patients trust us to organize their care with our nurses. With us, making an appointment for a Covid-19 screening test is quick and easy!
Brussels PCR test

Why choose TEST PCR Brussels testing center?

Close Contact

Approved PCR and Antigenic testing center


The only center in Brussels open 7/7 from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm

Hand clean

Speed of results: (within 24 hours)


Possibility of performing Urgent and rapid PCR tests in 2 hours


Antigen test results within 30min!


Federal certificate with QR Code + recognized local certificate


Confidentiality + data protection (all our data is erased 72 hours after the test)


Testing Experience for Heads of State

PCR test in Brussels (Covid-19)



Covid-19 Coronavirus Symptoms

If you have these Covid-19 symptoms:

Loss of taste
loss of smell

Responsible for Covid-19 disease
the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

This screening method is called "PCR test", which means "Polymerase Chain Reaction", in other words "Polymerization Chain Reaction". This method makes it possible to amplify a DNA or RNA sequence in order to detect the presence of a virus, in this case Sars-CoV-2 in this context of the Covid-19 epidemic...

I want/need to be tested or have my child tested

who can get tested for covid-19?

When to perform a Covid-19 PCR test? You can perform a Covid-19 PCR test in the following cases:
Close Contact

Covid-19 symptoms

⦁ You have symptoms (fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, etc.) within the first 7 days

Do a PCR test

⦁ You live under the same roof as an infected person: do a PCR test as soon as possible

PCR test 7 days later

⦁ You have been in contact with an infected person: do a PCR test 7 days after the last contact
Hand clean

Covid-19 screening before a trip

⦁ Covid-19 screening prior to overseas travel (usually within 72 hours of departure time)
COVID-19: General preventive measures recommended

COVID-19 Protect yourself and others

Close Contact

Maintain a safe distance from everyone


Avoid crowded and enclosed spaces

Hand clean

Wash your hands very regularly


Cough or sneeze into your elbow


Wear a mask when you are sick


Clean and disinfect nearby objects

Brussels Covid-19 PCR test | The "nasopharyngeal" sample

How is the PCR test performed?

The test consists of inserting a soft cotton swab (swab) into each nostril up to the nasopharynx for a few minutes. This process is unpleasant but not painful. The sample is then analyzed in the laboratory using a method called “polymerase chain reaction” (PCR). This technique makes it possible to detect the RNA of the virus, its genome, which characterizes it in a way...

About COVID-19 Testing Center

Brussels PCR tests

Lemonnier metro station in Brussels
Brussels PCR test with or without an appointment.

01. Are we moving for you?

With the massive increase in Covid-19 screenings, medical analysis laboratories have seen their attendance explode in recent weeks...

02. How much does it cost?:

Before, RT-PCR virological tests were possible without a prescription and fully covered by the mutual vote...

03. Where to find the result?

The results of my PCR screening test are normally available within 36 hours after the test has been carried out. They will be sent to me: by the laboratory...

04. The result of the PCR test is positive?

I provide my doctor and the mutual fund with a list of my recent contacts with whom I have been in contact. recently so that they are alerted and tested quickly...