With the massive increase in Covid-19 screenings, medical analysis laboratories have seen their attendance explode in recent weeks. It is no longer uncommon to see the queues lengthen in front of these establishments. Naturally, the deadlines for obtaining the result of an RT-PCR test have also jumped, which can complicate certain situations: holding a professional event, leaving by plane for the holidays, contact person, etc.

Do you want to carry out a Covid-19 test but do not want to wait several hours in front of a laboratory? Did you know that you can easily make an appointment on our site to carry out a PCR test at home? We give you all the information in this site.

Getting tested while staying at home

Since July and with the Government's desire to increase the weekly number of tests of the French population to break the chains of transmission of the virus, medical analysis laboratories have been overloaded. In some areas, you have to wait several days to get your test result.

For this, you can go to our online appointment booking platform. Our site is designed to facilitate the establishment of home care.

Make an appointment

Whether or not you have symptoms of Covid-19, you can make an appointment in one click on our site to perform an RT-PCR test at home. After indicating the treatment « COVID test – PCR (nasopharyngeal swab) » as well as your home address, our system offers you a list of liberal health professionals near you and available to perform this type of home care. By selecting several professionals, you increase the chances of being taken care of. The nurses in our network are very responsive and contact you to organize their visit.

More than 1000 patients trust us to organize their home care with our nurses. With us, making an appointment for a Covid-19 screening test at home is simple, fast and free!

How much does the PCR test cost and do you need a prescription?

Before, RT-PCR virological tests were possible without a prescription and fully covered by health insurance. The examination did not require a doctor's prescription.

But for a while, it will now be necessary to put your hand in your wallet to be tested against Covid-19, in particular with a view to obtaining a health pass.

Until then, PCR tests for anyone returning from a red zone outside the European Union are covered by your health insurance.
You only pay travel expenses in the Brussels Capital area:

  • 1 or 2 people: 10€
  • More than 2 people: 5€ per person

The results of my PCR screening test are normally available within 36 hours after the test is performed. They will be sent to me: by the laboratory (by telephone or online);

The results are recorded in the COVID-SAFE application, and on the MASANTE.BE website, the national information system for monitoring Covid-19 screening.

While waiting for the test results, the patient suspected of being infected must remain isolated at home and strictly respect all the barrier measures.

The data collected in the context of Covid-19 biology examinations may be reused in the context of health surveys (monitoring of patients diagnosed positive for Covid-19 and/or research of "contact cases"), epidemiological surveillance and research via the health data platform.

Here is what to do if the test is positive:

  • I communicate to my doctor and to the mutual vote the list of my recent contacts (family, friend or professional) with whom I have been in contact recently so that they can be alerted and tested quickly;
  • I protect others by isolating myself for at least 7 days after the first symptoms appear. If the signs of the disease disappear after this time, I can come out of isolation by rigorously wearing the mask. If after 7 days I still have signs, I must remain isolated;
  • I stay in a separate room if possible and close the door if I live with one or more people. I avoid contact, I wear a mask, I use a separate bathroom and toilet if possible, I wash my hands very often;
  • Je prends ma température 2 fois par jour ;
  • I continue my usual treatment if I have another illness, I call my doctor in case of doubt;
  • I give news to my relatives;
  • I do not take any other treatment without the agreement of my doctor or pharmacist;