For travel groups or diplomats:

We move for you!

Do you want to carry out a Covid-19 test but do not want to wait several hours in front of a testing center? Did you know that we move for travel groups or diplomats.
• Testing experience for Heads of State)
• Confidentiality + data protection (all our data is erased 72 hours after the test)
Your result will be communicated within 24 hours.

Make an appointment to have me tested

Whether or not you have symptoms of Covid-19, you can make an appointment in one click on our site to perform an RT-PCR test at home.

After indicating the “COVID Test – PCR (nasopharyngeal swab)” care and your home address, our system will offer you the availability to perform this type of care at home. The nurses in our network are very responsive and contact you to organize their visit.

More than 1,000 patients trust us to organize their home care with our nurses. With us, making an appointment for a Covid-19 screening test at home is quick and easy!

Protect yourself and others

Close Contact

Maintain a safe distance from everyone


Avoid crowded and enclosed spaces

Hand clean

Wash your hands very regularly


Cough or sneeze into your elbow


Wear a mask when you are sick


Clean and disinfect nearby objects